Initial situation:

Smartphone cover surface inspection

Client produces metallic back covers for smartphones. The production process creates sometimes unwanted spatter on the inner surface of back covers.

Therefore manufacturers need to control 100% of their back covers for these errors in order to avoid electrical damages on the printed circuit boards or battery.

Particular challenges

At this point the smartphone manufacturer of back covers is looking for spatters manually. That means that workers use the sensitivity of their fingertips to find possible spatters. This is not a repeatable or reliable method to ensure consistent quality of products. It is difficult for a human worker to detect this for a long period.

QuellTech solution

Surfaces of smart phone covers are easily measurable materials for QuellTech scanners. Using the Q6-C15-45 QuellTech 2D/3D Laser Line Scanner it is possible to detect such small spatter or defects with high speed and consistency. Due to the 100 % inline inspection not only spatters can be detected but also other defects will be found. This allows the manufacturer to phase out smartphone parts which do not pass the tolerance levels for this part automatically.

Benefits for the client

Due to the 100% inspection and the high reliability and precision of the QuellTech Scanners the rate of undetected errors can be minimized and further expensive malfunctions of the smartphones can be avoided.  Also the process is much faster than manual inspection, so productivity will increase.

Can we help you with your measurement task?

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