Initial Situation:

Laser measurement to inspect electron beam welding joints

Rotationally symmetrical driving gears in a line producing for automotive industry are mutually connected by electron beam welding. The camera inspection carried out until was not able to assess the quality of the weld seams at the required precision.

Non-contact laser measurement system

Particular Challenge:

As the welding seams show a high reflectivity and are located at a position hard to access, inspection is difficult, all the more so as they dispose of a width of only 500µm. Therefore it is quite a challenge for the laser measurement system.

The QuellTech solution:

A QuellTech Laser Scanner Q4-5 with extremely small shape factor and high resolution proved to be perfectly suited for this application. In order to suppress reflections from elements in the surroundings, a particular algorithm has been integrated. Furthermore, this laser measurement system features a particularly adapted laser wavelength and an ultrafine laser line.

Result for the client:

The camera system being in use until now has been completely replaced by the QuellTech Laser Scanner, delivering stable and reproducible results and enabling the client to implement a 100% inline inspection of the welding seams.

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