Initial Situation:

Geometrical Quality Check of Weld Beads on Metal Components (Battery Contacts)

Client is battery manufacturer and decides to add measuring equipment for weld beads inspection to his production line. If weld beads are not constructed uniformly and symmetric then it results in increased current density over battery contacts and eventually overheating and severe harms to the system. To prevent this, donut shaped “Welding Beads” of battery contacts have to be checked with respect to several parameters:  volume, center, radius, width, height parameters as well as the absence of defects in circular regions have to be verified.

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Particular Challenges

A manual geometrical quality check is not reliable enough, because of variations in human perception. Increase in False Positives and False Negatives cause increased scrap numbers and higher rejection rates lead to problems in later production stages.

QuellTech Solution

A QuellTech Q6 Laser Line Scanner is guided via a linear x-y axis over the weld beads acquiring a 3 D point cloud of these objects. A measurement software will compare these 3 D images against a tolerance channel and will determine pass or fail status. Failed parts are sorted out automatically.

Benefits for the Client

The QuellTech Weld bead geometrical quality check system enables high process robustness, less false errors and 100% inline inspection. QuellTech Laser Scanners reduce the rejection rate, improve productivity and quality of the manufacturing line, and also minimizes labor costs required for inspection.

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