Q5 laser scanner for 2D and 3D measurements

The optimum method for automatic non-contacting measurement of:

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Q5 Laser Scanner series Q5

Principle: Laser Line Triangulation

QuellTech laser-scanners make use of the triangulation principle to detect the two-dimensional profile of surfaces. By means of particular optical components, a point-shaped laser beam is expanded to a line and projected to the object of interest.  The diffuse light of the reflected laser line is captured by an objective at a certain angle and then directed to a two-dimensional receiver chip.

On the basis of distances and angles known, a precise calibrated height value (z) is calculated for each pixel in the x level (laser line), resulting in a precise profile in the x-z plane of the sample. If the scanner is guided over the sample (y axis), a series of profiles is created forming a three-dimensional point cloud in space. This point cloud can be subjected by dimensional control carried out by the software.

Measuring range
Measurement of steel and aluminium Castings
Q5 3D Scan Point Cloud

The new Q5 laser scanner series:
high resolution and scan rate combined in a compact unit

The new QuellTech Q5 laser scanner series combines the advantages of small form factors with both high resolution and scan rate.

The sensor disposes of different set-up possibilities with respect to the analysis algorithm. Measurement results are delivered via Ethernet, calibrated in the X / Z plane.

Special adjustable algorithms can be selected, extremely useful particularly also for optically most demanding surfaces. Time-consuming calibration tasks for the user are no more required, as the calibration routine runs on board.

High Scan Rate with up to 14,000 Profiles per second

Due to an appropriate limitation of the image range (AOI) in X and Z direction, the scan rate could considerably be increased.

  • High resolution and detection frequency with up to 14.000 profiles and 28 Mio. points per second
  • X measuring range from 10 to 1022 mm
  • Z measuring range (height) from 5 to 878 mm
  • Laser wave length blue 405/450nm, red 650nm

Different power classes are permanently available, ranging from 1 to 100 mW. Power class and wave length can distinctly be chosen for each surface to be assessed.

Further features of the Q5 laser scanner

  • Max. resolution: 0,3 µm (numeric resolution)
  • Special algorithms for highly reflective materials, COG, Finite Impulse Response
  • 1 Trigger Input, Encoder Input RS422
  • Master-Slave Configuration for Multi-Scanner-Applications
  • Individual extremely accurate calibration, directly processed within the laser scanner
  • Electronics and laser protected by temperature sensor
  • Software Developer Kit
  • Free Demo software for feasibility studies
  • Laser Safe Input
  • Image processing software




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